As a precaution against the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Internet Watch Foundation will be operating at a reduced capacity. We provide a vital service for the public and are committed to staying open but there is likely to be a delay responding to reports, emails and calls. People can still report child sexual abuse imagery as normal.


Complaints form

If you would like to file a complaint to the IWF, please select the complaint type and provide all the information requested below.

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A general complaint could cover the IWF’s service delivery and might include the behaviour of members of staff. If your complaint is of a general nature and not covered by the below two options, select this.

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The IWF puts specific URLs (web addresses) which contain child sexual abuse images and videos onto a list. This is for images and videos which are hosted outside of the UK. They are later removed from the list once the criminal images or videos are removed from the internet. If your complaint is about this area of work, select this.

What is this?

For images and videos of child sexual abuse hosted in the UK, the IWF sends a notice to the relevant hosting provider (to notify them that the criminal content is there) requesting its removal. If your complaint is about this area of IWF, select this.