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What is this?

We take reports of child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the world.

This includes images depicting erotic posing; solo masturbation by a child; non-penetrative or penetrative sexual activity involving children or both children and adults; or sadism or penetration of or by an animal.

More info

  • Reports through the IWF Cayman Islands Reporting Portal are accepted as reports to a relevant authority through a contract between the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).
  • Details of the relevant laws.

Where did you see the content

Website details

In order for us to investigate a website we need its full address which is known as a URL e.g. http://www.iwf.org.uk/what-we-do, www.iwf.org.uk/what-we-do or iwf.org.uk/what-we-do. You can find this in the browser at the top of the page.

If you have any information you think may help us, such as a description of where the content you are reporting is located on a large website or username and password needed to gain access, please include it in the description box.

If you need to report another website please make a separate report. Please do not paste links in the description box as they will not be processed.

Thank you.

Email details

The spam emails listed below have already been reported to us so there is no need to report these again – just delete them from your inbox and close your browser window to end this report.

  • Porno with 3 **
  • Here you can download the ** and... ** **
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  • ** **, and real **** on the streets
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If the email you wish to report isn’t listed above, please continue to the next step.

Email details

To report a spam email we need the link / web address included in the email.

A web address looks like this: http://www.iwf.org.uk or www.iwf.org.uk.

Please seek advice if you need instructions to find the web address or use the help feature in your email provider.

If you are unsure how to do this please forward the email to [email protected]

Usenet / Newsgroup details

Newsgroups are bulletin-board styled forums used to discuss specific topics. Newsgroups are accessed via the UseNet service and predate the Internet forums on the world wide web that are more commonly used today. However, some newsgroups remain in use and carry image/video files.

When reporting images/posting within a newsgroup please include as much relevant detail as you can, for example:

  • The name of the group - alt.binaries.example.example
  • Author of the posting - [email protected]:
  • Subject (title) of posting - collection of images:
  • Article - [email protected]:
  • Date - 01/01/2013:
  • Newsfeed provider - examplefeed:

Please add any other information you think relevant in the description box.

If your report relates to something which is not on publicly available websites, we are unable to take action but it may be a matter for the police.

If your report relates any of the issues below you should contact your local police or child protection organisation.

  1. You suspect a child is a victim of abuse
  2. Images stored on private devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers
  3. Text only conversations on chat sites and there are no images
  4. Peer-To-Peer file transfer programs or torrent services

Want to remain anonymous?

We'll keep your contact details strictly confidential.

If you’d prefer to remain completely anonymous, then you can.

But if you’d like to know what happened with your report then we need your email address so that we can send you a confirmation email with your unique reference number.

This way you can contact us for more information about your report and we can contact you if we need more information from you.

Your details

  • If you submit your details they will be recorded on the IWF database for 3 months in case we need to contact you for more information.
  • They will then be deleted in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act.
  • Be assured, your personal details would not be disclosed to third parties without your express written permission. However, in rare circumstances it may be necessary or advisable for us to disclose your details to the police or other international law enforcement agencies in order to assist them with enquiries they are pursuing or where not to do so would pose a potentially immediate risk of serious harm to a child or other person(s). In such cases we regard the disclosure to be either in the public interest, or as a legitimate interest for the purpose of preventing the spread of child sexual abuse material.

If your report doesn’t include any of the above please contact your local police.