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Hello and Welcome to the Portal to Report Child Sexual Abuse Material

Child sexual abuse material, referred to as CSAM, is a crime. It victimizes a child every time their image is seen online. We know that seeing these images or videos is disturbing, but reporting it is the right thing to do. Your report may help rescue a child or prevent further abuse.

Use this form to easily and anonymously report child sexual abuse pictures or videos on the internet.

Please note: If you want to report a child at risk or you’d like to report something other than an online image or video of child sexual abuse please contact your local police or child protection organisation for advice.

CSAM is a global problem, which demands a global solution. That is why ICMEC is partnering with the Internet Watch Foundation to operate this global portal, equipping every person around the world with access to a safe, anonymous way to report CSAM. Reports filed here will be analyzed by IWF’s team of professionals within hours and content can be removed from the internet. Through this portal, we are creating a safer internet and safer world for every child.